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Blog January 24, 2018

Convert your social media followers into paying customers with these tips.

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Writen by nitin.jha

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A brand’s online presence is one of the most important parts of a brand’s overall reputation. However, having a large following on social media platforms does not necessarily mean that a company has the corresponding amount of sales. The question that companies and brands often grapple with is how to convert a social media follower into an actual customer. This is the age of social media and it is important to recognize the importance of gaining social media followers in your long-term customer acquisition strategy.


Identify your primary user base

Before deciding how to cater to your audience, you need to find out who exactly is your target audience. Is it young millennials? Is it just women? Is it adults between 40-60 years? Once you know your primary target audience, it will be easier to tailor your content in order to appeal to your ideal customer. Shooting blindly when it comes to social media content might also mean that you are missing out on potential customers looking at your offerings.


Eye-catching content

“Content is king” is a phrase used so often, that brands tend to forget its true meaning. Content is king means that your content must be unique, informative and should provide value in some or the other form to the reader. For a follower to click on the call to action button, they have to first be interested in what you say. Curate your content carefully so you appeal to your audience. Make sure your content is not boring or repetitive because you don’t want your brand to get lost in the noise on social media.


Host contests

Contests are a sure shot way of catching the attention of followers. If there is a potential reward at the end, followers are more likely to interact with your brand’s social media account or website. This is one way to introduce them to what your brand does and what it offers. If this glimpse impresses your online followers, they are sure to come back and become loyal customers.


Special deals and discounts

Make your online audience feel like they are special. Sure, you might have a loyal customer base that shops in your brick and mortar store regularly. However, pandering to the needs of your online audience is crucial. This can be done by offering exclusive coupons and discounts for those who shop online, or by emailing them coupons they can bring to the store. When you offer a special something to the customer, they will often respond positively.


Online customer service

One of the most important aspects of creating a positive image on social media is creating and maintaining customer relationships online. People are quick to leave reviews on social media. Whether it is negative or positive, respond politely. If it is a query, be sure to answer their questions with the correct information. The more effort you put into creating a relationship with your customer, the more they will appreciate your brand.

Graphics, pictures, and a good website are all important parts of reeling in a follower and turning them into a paying customer. Engaging with customers adds a personal touch that they often tend to notice. Interact with your online followers the way you would with an in-store customer and that is all you need.


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