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Blog July 13, 2018

Boost your ranking on Google with these simple but effective steps

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Google searches have become a benchmark for measuring the success of any website on the internet. This is why it’s incredibly important to make sure your Google page ranking is perfect. This can be made possible by increasing search engine traffic to your site. But wait, how do you do this? We have a list of tried and tested SEO link building techniques that will help you improve your page ranking. So read on!

A blog with good content

The kind of content you put on your website in the form of a blog is important. Most digital marketing experts recommend creating an active blog that is regularly updated. Although you might not be sure what to write on your blog, start with your brand’s story and see where it takes you from there. It matters to Google’s search algorithm that you are putting high-quality and useful content on your website that adds value.

Infographics that impress

Original infographics that offer useful and new information are bound to be a hit. Create a well-designed infographic and share it on all your platforms. If people like it, they will share it and link it back to you. This is a great way to build a network of links redirecting towards your website.

Link with other blogs

You might have heard blog writers talk about collaborating with other blogs to create links, especially if they are in the same domain or complimentary domains. This is not just for publicity. Creating links to other blogs is a way to increase your page ranking. When you do it regularly with good content, the Google search gods will definitely be impressed. And the best part is, other brands and blogs will reciprocate and link your blog in their content.

Guest posts

Blog owners are often on the lookout for people who will write guest posts. So what is a guest post? It is like any other blog with great content. However, it is published on someone else’s website and contains links to your website or blog. Guest posting and publishing are quite common and you should not have any trouble finding a group of bloggers who create guest posts.

Influencers and their impact

As we are well aware, influencer marketing has become an important marketing tool. This is a long-term strategy to create visibility for your blog, brand or website. It might not give you links right away, but such collaborations are fruitful in the long term. Once the influencer starts linking back to you, their large follower base will be made aware of your content and an increased traffic comes your way. This, in turn, means that Google will recognize your site’s popularity and take it into consideration while assigning page ranks.

Monitor your brand

Monitoring mentions of your brand online are something most brands don’t do. Monitoring mentions of your brand online allow you to make sure your website or blog is linked when data or information from your brand is shared by other blogs or websites. For example, if you put up a research paper and someone else is citing data from that paper, make sure you ask them if they would consider offering an inbound link while mentioning your brand. This generates traffic for your webpage which is your ultimate goal.

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