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Blog February 28, 2018

Advertising and Social messages: Yes or No?

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Writen by nitin.jha

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We live in an age where everyone has an opinion on everything. To have an opinion as an individual is fine, but do brands really need to choose sides? Advertising campaigns tinged with social messages are slowly taking over the market. In this scenario, what should a brand do? A brand might have to make difficult decisions to stay relevant in the market. Looking at what other brands do with their advertising campaign is also a great way to check the market’s reaction.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of going down this road.

The pros

Today’s customers are smart, well-informed, and well-read. They have strong opinions and expect the brands they follow to hold the same perspective. Socially relevant advertising can be a great way for a brand to connect with its audience and primary customer base. Customers want their brands to have a voice and this type of advertising is just what they look for.

For brands that want to showcase themselves as socially aware and progressive with a strong commitment to certain issues, this type of advertising should be their top priority. Branding and advertising are two ways through which a company establishes its identity. Therefore, your advertising campaign should reflect your core values and message.

Advertising is also a great way to let your customers know how you give back to the community. Is there a particular cause your company cares about? Do you organize fundraisers or your employees’ volunteer somewhere? You can get the best of both the worlds by combining CSR and a social message in your advertising strategy.

The cons

Brands do not get to pick and choose their customers. You might have a diverse range of customers and all might not be receptive to your message. People have opinions and different opinions mean grounds for disagreement. If a customer disagrees with your opinion or message, they might switch brands. It is not necessary that a cause you care about will resonate just as well with your entire customer base.

Everyone perceives things in different ways. Therefore, it is easy to get offended when you don’t like something. The problem with a full-scale advertising campaign focusing on a particular issue is its probability of offending people. No matter how hard you work on picking an issue that is relevant to everyone, you can’t please everyone. As a brand, everything you do is public, and there will be criticism and backlash for even the smallest misstep.

In conclusion

The question you must ask yourself is: Is it worth the risk? If yes, then social advertising might be for you. However, some companies take a neutral approach, where they don’t really pick a side. In the changing environment we live in, that is a tad bit difficult to accomplish. Different strategies work for different brands, so you have to create one that is tailor-made for your company or brand.

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