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Blog November 18, 2015

8 of our favorite Visual Communication Styles

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Communication is one of the most important parts in any business. In order to succeed in any field one needs to practice clear and crisp communication from both end. Communication has played a significant role in every era whether it was in the form of pictures, symbols and very recently in the form of language.

Visual communication has come a long way. Following is the timeline of visual communication styles which have been very handy.

  • Ideograms-Long time ago, when language was not originated people often made use of ideogram which referred to graphical symbols which would help in representing an idea or a thought. This was originated 5000 years ago.
  • Logo grams-Thereafter came a much advanced way of visual communication known as the Logo grams which was originated 3500 years ago and is still widely used in china. With the help of Logograms an entire though can be communicated with a help of series of images that represents a wor
  • Alphabet-After Logo grams came the age of Alphabets which is very widely used in today’s time. Alphabets were originated in 2000BC in ancient Egypt.
  • Books-Alphabets led to origination of manuscripts during 400AD-600AD and later on books. Series of alphabets stringed together formed sentences and cluster of sentences were used to communicate a thought or a representations. Today nobody can thing of visual communication with a book. Whether it is entertainment, or for education books forms a very significant part of visual communication
  • Fonts-Due to the digital age and use of computers and typewriters, print media came into being and alphabets became fancier. Now they were represented in a more artistic manner with different fonts and styles also known as calligraphy. Different fonts and styles helped in emphasizing a thought and pin pointing what was more important for the reader.
  • Statistical visualization-Statistical visualization played a very important roe when it came to comparison and mathematical representation. Clustered with other forms of visual representations such as alphabets and fonts, statistical graphs helped in understanding complex comparison and conversions. Creation and study of visual representation of data became easier to understand.
  • Graphic design-With the advent of visual media such as newspapers and magazine in the 16th century, graphic designs came into picture where message was transformed with the help of graphical representation and design
  • Video-The most widely used visual communication in modern times is definitely the use of video which was developed in 1951.Video not only help in representing messages in the Pictor of pictorial representations but also makes use of fonts, graphical images and alphabets.

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