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Blog August 16, 2018

6 analytics tools to keep your Instagram business account on track

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Data analytics has quickly become an integral part of any brand’s social media strategy. And it’s not just the number of followers a brand has, the type, quality, and volume of engagement also matters. This is why Instagram analytics are becoming important for brands that use this platform as a major part of their advertising strategy. Instagram looks at everything, from engagement to followers.

So if you want to stay ahead in the game, here are 7 Instagram analytics tools you can use to stay on track.


On a basic plan, a brand can access limited analytics features on this app. The great thing about Socialbakers is that they help you measure a campaign’s success and dissect it based on analytics collected from Instagram. The dashboard helps you make more sense of the numbers. Another positive offering is their insight into the audience, their demographics, usage, and other essential information.


Iconosquare has been around for a long time. It’s one of the first companies to dabble into Instagram analytics with all the basic data aggregated in one place. Now, it has advanced and offers content management and post scheduling services, which is pretty great. The app allows the users to measure the rate of engagement, performance of all the posted content and aggregate the demographic data.

Social Insider

The biggest advantage of using Social Insider is that you can track your competition! It helps to know what your biggest competitors are doing and how well. Social Insider gives you a peek into any account’s performance history which is especially useful for the brands. The tool also generates reports on content engagement, performance, and hashtag performance.


Squarelovin is a great tool for the brands who want to engage with their followers. This tool helps you collect specific details on a post such as the number of views, engagement over a period of time, the location of the audience, etc. Squarelovin allows users to interact with their followers from within the app, so they don’t need to switch to Instagram every time.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is quite well known in the social media analytics niche. Sprout Social helps users track campaigns in order to measure their success. Analysis of the data pulled from Instagram allows users to understand how well their brand is performing.


Keyhole is slightly different from the other tools on this list because it actually analyzes the keywords and hashtags you use in order to measure the performance and engagement. The resulting data is all you need to ensure that your social media strategy is hitting its mark. Another useful feature offered by Keyhole is that it allows the brands to compare their performance with their competitors.

So now that you know the tools available at your fingertips, which one of these seems the most helpful? Even if you have to invest resources into these tools, you should go for it because the analytics and feedback is just the push your brand needs.

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