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Blog April 25, 2015

5 ways in which Instagram can get you more business

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Instagram became a rage among people ever since it was launched. Pictures from one corner of the world connected with the ones in the other part of the world with this one medium. Instagram is considered as one of the most powerful medium of present times to create and share visual media. Not just for individuals, it is equally beneficial for businesses around the world to promote their ideas, concepts, products, services or just about anything with the help of visual media. With an active 300 million users around the world, Instagram helps you catch the attention of millions worldwide. Whether you are a start up, medium sized agency, large company or a corporate, there are boundless benefits that an Instagram would offer you. Here is a list of benefits that Instagram provides:

Reach Out To Your Customers

A lot of blogs and write up’s have been shared on how Facebook and Twitter can help you engage and connect with existing customers online. However, people are ignorant about the advantage of using Instagram for engaging customers.  Apparently, Instagram draws a good number of engaged and active user base, which can help you generate double the amount of engagement than any other online medium. According to the recent researches conducted to measure the power and reach of various social platforms, Instagram came ahead as one of the most powerful one. Offering high engagement percentage to brands, Instagram is the perfect online medium to connect and interact with your existing customers. Simply share a picture, seek feedback or offer a glimpse of the latest happenings at work.

Know What People Like

While trying to use any social media for your own benefit, the most important thing that you need to find out is what exactly is your audience liking and sharing online. People could be sharing pictures of your brand and their followers liking them without knowing much about you.To encash this opportunity you can ask your customers or visitors to tag you in those pictures, so that others in their list also get to know about what you offer and the exact location. This is a kind of indirect marketing, wherein your customers would be promoting your brand by sharing and tagging pictures. Another great thing here is that the pictures that your customers share also gives you an insight into what they are liking the most about your brand. This would help you devise likable policies and campaigns in the future.

Build New Connections

Not only does Instagram allows you to connect with existing customers, it also helps you build new connections. The advantage of Instagram is that by using hashtags, you can easily share links or pictures about your brand. People looking for a service or product that you offer can easily reach to your brand with the help of these hashtags. This is a great way to attract local as well as international customers, who would otherwise stay uninformed about your brand. You can also find potential customers and connect with them by using these hashtags smartly. In addition to this, a Discover tab is another feature of Instagram that allows users to find photos and connect with potential users.

Social Sharing

When you share anything on Instagram, it can also be shared easily on other mediums. There is an option to connect your Instagram with other mediums and share pictures or links on other marketing channels as well. This saves you a lot of time and effort from sharing things separately on each online medium. By simply connecting your accounts, you can share anything and everything across all channels.

Boost Sales

The best thing about Instagram is that you get several benefits without having to pay a penny for it. Not only you make new connections, but promote your old, ongoing or soon to be launched campaigns in a unique way. However, the catch here is to use the medium in a creative and smart way, so that it does not directly look like a desperate attempt to promote your brand, rather a place to look for unique innovations.

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