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Blog February 21, 2019

5 Tools to make you a better Content Writer

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Do you write blog posts and articles for websites? You must have realized how much effort and time goes into the Research, Planning and the actual process of Writing to come out with something worth reading. 

There are so many things to keep in mind while writing: Providing information, Attracting prospective clients, Turning readers into customers. All writers know that all these things have to be done with a clock that is ticking faster than your heart-beat. Sometimes, you are just stuck at one thought that takes hours to be done with the article that clicks.

So what’s the to-do list for a writer to check before the final submission? There are some tools and software to help you streamline and make your writing flawless.
So, here is the list of 5 Tools that are must for every content writer for writing a content your targeted audience understands.
1. Grammarly:
The devil lies in the details, it’s truer for all the grammar nazis who will be reading your write-ups. Grammarly solves that part of your articles by correcting you on all the unintentional mistakes you commit.
2. Hemingway:
This is named after the well-known novelist – Ernest Hemingway. It literally is a life saver.  After you paste what you have typed, it shows suggestions in different colours. For example, the yellow colour means that your sentence is too long and you need to cut it short. Green colour means that the passive words used in the sentence are not that impressive and you must change it into an active voice. Doesn’t it fulfill your wish of the ideal tool?
3. Siteliner:
We all realize that plagiarism is immoral and moreover, illegal. But sometimes, it can be unintentional. What you have written can coincide with someone else’s words. To avoid this problem, Siteliner will help you scan quickly, even a single sentence or a phrase for plagiarism.
4. Keyword planner:
The most struggling part of any write-up is finding the right keywords. What else could be better than Google’s official – Keyword Planner? It acts as a one-stop solution for Designers or Copywriters who are looking for the ideal keywords for content writing. This tool will sprinkle the right keywords within seconds.
5. Buzzsumo
The biggest challenge that all bloggers face is finding the right topic to write on. The topic you last decided has either been written or published by someone. Buzzsumo eases up your task by searching on the hot topics in your area that are popular on Social Media. This makes sure that you hit the nail at the right time.
We should feel privileged to have access to so many tools and software to make us a better writer. This is just a list of 5 that we felt topped the list. Tell us what tools you use to enhance your writing skills. Because sharing after all is caring.

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