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Blog April 16, 2015

5 things you need to know about professional photography

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Photography is a passion for some and an art for some. People have different perceptions associated with this field. While common people consider it as a simple task of taking pictures, for those master in it or starting as an amateur there is a lot of research and learning involved. The whole process of capturing the essence of a moment is much more than simply taking a picture.

When you begin as an amateur, you really do not focus on some essential and work on your own terms and pace. But, as you start taking up work as a professional, you need to follow a certain procedure and work as per the requirements and expectations of the client. Here are 9 essentials you need to know while stepping into the realm of “professional photography” :

1. Latest gadgets: While handling a professional assignment, make sure to carry two of everything. You cannot afford to be stuck in a situation, wherein a shoot demands more and better gadgets, while you are equipped with few that too not updated as per the latest technology. Remember, better the gadget you use, the better options you would have to customize the camera lens as per your liking.

2. Professional Identity: People prefer to work with such photographers, who have created a unique professional identity for themselves. This is done by building a website, logo and blog, which shows the level of expertise and work that you offer. Website is the best way through which your potential clients’ can get to know about you.

3. Develop contacts: It is very important to make and form contact with those who can help you find or get work. Be it your friends or family or their extended circle, share and spread your work through all of them, so that people can see your work and refer you to them who are interested in hiring a professional photographer.

4. Client is the King: As an amateur you shot for yourself and there were no expectations to be fulfilled. But, when someone   hires you for a campaign, they expect certain kind of uniqueness from you, which you have to meet. Until and unless you do not understand the needs of your client and work towards delivering it, things won’t work out good professionally for you.

5. Consistent pricing: When you start working on several projects altogether, there arises a problem of charging a consistent amount. As different projects have different requirements, one size would not fit all. To make sure that you balance on the package part, finalize an amount for different kinds of work. Once, you have maintain a consistent pricing, your clients would be certain that the prices charged are same for everyone and it would also build a positive image for you in the market.

A lot of people venture into the business of photography, thinking it would so much fun. Although, there is fun involved, but that’s just a small part of it. There goes in a lot of hard work and dedication into creating a name for yourself. Just follow these few points and you would find photography to be the most rewarding job you can imagine.

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