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Blog September 23, 2014

Social media mistakes you should avoid

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Doing social media for your business is one thing and doing it right is another. Most businesses fall for these simple avoidable mistakes which can make a world of difference to their social media campaign.

Have Patience

Social Media is all about building relationships. Do not expect initial bursts to sustain you in the long run. You need to talk with your audience consistently and losing steam mid-way can back fire. Many brands and even big businesses adopt social media in a big way but then they just ignore it, this abrupt end of engagement is perceived negatively by most audience.

Same content doesn’t work on all platforms

This is a problem which arises when you view social media in a way too simplistic terms. The audience across the platforms is not the same, neither are the ways in which they would like to receive information. A post which can work on Facebook might not work on twitter or linked In

You have to think specifically in terms of each platform and how do you want to build your brand there. It is advisable to try a fewer platforms initially and resist the temptation of being everywhere and duplicating content across platforms. Evolve gradually – is the key

Going only after visibility can hurt

A million likes is good thing to have but that is not the be-all and end-all of your social media drive. Too much of ads can also disengage. In the long run you don’t want to come across as a brand that is desperate for attention. What is more important is that you engage with the right audience in an interesting and useful manner. Remember, it’s an experience you are communicating through social media as well.

It’s a two way communication

And not just a monologue in which you can keep ranting about your own services. Talk about your audience and hear them out as well. For example, instead of saying that how great your services are how awesome your product is you can share customer feedback or post a problem or a question which your customers face and how your product could help them out in Social Media Optimization.

Not responding to negative feedback

It is dangerous for your brand when a negative thread starts on your page. What is even more dangerous is, that you don’t respond to it or worse still, delete all the negative comments. You can do it to keep the glamour of your page intact but your credibility and sensitivity as a business takes a huge hit. Chances are before you delete it thousands of people might have already seen it. As far as possible, offer your version in defense, do not shy away from making an apology if the need be. Douse the situation by reason and not escapism.

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