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Blog July 8, 2015

5 Daily Activities that Boost your Creativity

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You are truly lucky if you have explored your creative side. Many people are not able to acknowledge the creativity they have in themselves. However, it is very important to discover your creative side, so that you are able to explore more and better ways to enhance your creative ability. The big question is how you boost your creativity.

Following are 5 daily activities which you can do with ease which will not only help you discover your creative side but will also help you build on it.

  1. Reading : If you are not someone who enjoys reading or do not have that extra time to put in reading, then it will seem like a daunting task. However, you will realize only after you’ve finished your first book that what value a particular book adds to you. Reading can help you provide with ideas, increase your patience level and teach you something or the other. Books have always proved to be an excellent medium to enhance creativity while learning some life lessons.

2. Get out of your comfort zone : Try and explore something new apart from what you have been always doing. When you tend to do something which you do every day, then you are putting yourself in an auto pilot zone where your mind and body automatically lands in your comfort zone. Learn to challenge yourself by doing something totally out of the league. This will not only help boost your creativity but you can also explore new and better creative ideas.

3. Swing to the music : Music not only has the healing power but it also helps you get into a mode where you can think beyond the expected. This is what increases creativity and brings about new and fresh ideas. No matter the genre, sufi vocals or hip hop beats, music indeed helps.

4. Meditation is the key : A creative person definitely needs to be in their zone. There are times when the mind is too preoccupied and that is when you need to get back on track. The easiest way to get back into your zone is to meditate and relax. It might sound strange but taking out time and meditating to some soothing music helps in boosting the creative side of you.

5. Hang out with friends and exchange opinions : Too much work can boggle you down, therefore get some time off and spend some chilled out moments with your friends. Share your creativity with them and be an audience to their creative side. This mutual exchange proves to be very beneficial. True friends are people who will give you unbiased feedback which will help in improving yourself.

Give it a go! For once try to do everything yourself, whether it is cooking a meal for yourself or solving a tricky puzzle. Try and do something which you have never done. The simplest of the things might look very complicated and you will not realize that something which you were thinking was not your cup of tea might just amuse you.

The above 5 things will prove to be very handy and will help you boost and enhance your creativity if practiced genuinely and regularly.

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