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Blog March 14, 2017

12 Logo Trends for Graphic Designers

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Writen by nitin.jha

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A lot can be found from just the logos, if you have an attractive and sensible one. People can get an idea of the product which can lead to a lot of prospective buyers turning into actual buyers. Therefore it is very important to lay enough stress on conjuring the right logo. Logo is a visual representation of the ethos of the brand. A good logo must be timeless along with a contemporary design which at the same time relates to your brand and product image.

With growing technologies, there are many different types of Logos which are becoming more and more popular. Following are some of the latest trends as far as modern and contemporary Logos are concerned.

  1. Flat Design– “Keep it simple, stupid” holds true for this kind of logo design. No complex line art or shadow work, but simple yet appealing flat design which conveys the idea is what Flat design logos are all about.
  2. Handmade Logos– Handmade logos are best suited for places of interest which are timeless and are here to stay with very little and no changes. They are generally depicted in a form of an image with few letters or words.
  3. Gradients– Gradients logos are often associated with volume to make the logo look more appealing and speak for itself. It’s about accentuating the attractiveness of the image by using colours (Check Instagram).
  4. Minimalism– Minimalism is all about retaining basics, such as logos of popular companies, in order to reduce confusion. It helps in conveying exactly what is required without any complexity.
  5. Letter Stacking– Letter stacking is one of the best logos for business which want to include text message or words. It’s a way or arrangement of letters to make it take less space and look neat.
  6. Text logos– Stylising and usage of different fonts and formats have brought about a very interesting combination of texts which looks quite attractive and conveys meanings with the help of the logo.
  7. Lettering– One of the most common yet most popular types of logo option is lettering. This involves no complexities and simply requires the name of your brand, depicted in the form of a Logo.
  8. Line Art-Line art as the name suggests makes use of a single solid line to depict the image of the logo. It generally does not make use of different colour and is rather simple in appearance.
  9. Overlapping Gradients-One of the most popular examples of overlapping gradients is MasterCard, which makes use of overlapping colours to provide a three dimensional look.
  10. Geometric Shapes-Use of geometric shapes not only make the logo look symmetrical but also provides sharp edges.
  11. Framed Texts-This is a combination of text logo and geometric logo in which the text is enclosed in a geometrical shape.
  12. Negative Space-These make use of negative space images and are more artistic and attractive. There can be a wide variety of shapes and colours used in negative space design.







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