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Blog February 21, 2023

10 Work Time Activities That Feed Your Creativity

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Creativity is contagious, pass it on.
– Albert Einstein
Creativity is a special ability given to every individual in definite proportions. It’s a driving force that keeps the world going. The highly creative professions tend to extract the best innovative thoughts. To be at one’s best, some activities can prove highly effective to keep one’s creative juices flowing.
1. Fresh Walk Outside
Various studies have proven that walking is a highly beneficial exercise to boost creativity. It imparts a fresh flow of ideas. So take walking breaks to keep your mind fresh.
2. Laughter Session
Laughter is a cool medicine that tends to keep all doctors away. In your busy work schedule, remember to share jokes with your colleagues and watch stress, the enemy of creativity fade away.
3. Love for Learning& Inquisitiveness
Learning keeps us going. A positive attitude to learn something new every day is commendable. Creative people have a special tendency to learn. The process of creation is synonymous to the process of learning. So never restrict yourself and keep expanding your horizons to enrich your creative soul.
Inquisitiveness towards one’s surrounding is the essential personality trait of a creative person. While working on something, remember to hold on to your research and grasp in full length the whereabouts of a particular topic.
4. Music & Meditation
Music is the modern chill-pill that adds melody to moments. Studies have proven that humming your favorite tune is good for your heart and a stress buster. The benefits of music include reduction of stress and anxiety. Some people prefer to listen to music while engaged in respective pursuits. It boosts creativity and has magical effects on human mind, by uplifting the level of intelligence. Friedrich Nietzsche has rightly remarked “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
5. Photography
Photography is the art of capturing the most mundane scene and making it stand apart in all its simplicity. It can be a creative escape from regularity.
6. Healthy Diet & Water
An empty stomach can be the house of sad thoughts. A body that munches healthy food imparts the ability to mind to create something captivating and worthwhile. A well-hydrated body is more capable of clear ideas, thereby enhanced creativity. Your water bottle can be your best friend!
7. Create a Treasure Quest
Adventure nurtures the creative capabilities of the mind. To skip the guilt ofhumdrum every day, practice creativity in different daily affairs, something like organizing a treasure quest game in your workplace.
8. Play Video Games
Video games are highly effective energy packs that can redirect our minds to an imaginary sphere and make them alert and vibrant.
9. Day-dream
Creative writers like JK Rowling credit daydreaming as a great source of ideas. It’s a powerful method to boost one’s creativity, letting the imagination expand and improve productivity.
10. Try Something New
Innovation is indeed the mother of all inventions and it opens the door to better opportunities.


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