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Blog December 1, 2015

10 Eternal Rules for a Stunning & Clear Website UI

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Writen by nitin.jha

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Businesses and dealings have become digital and the first tool in order to run any service now a day is a website.

A website plays a multidimensional role as it acts as a bridge between the service providers and the customer. Therefore it is very important to have an attractive yet an informative user interface i.e.  the layout of the website.

There are many kinds of UI which are followed for different kind of businesses. One needs to carefully study the industry and choose a UI which suits best. Ingeneral, following are the 10 commandments which come very handy while designing a User interface:

  1. Create a Story- Before starting any project it is very important to rationalize the main points so that a rough draft can be prepared. With the help of this rough draft one should then aim at creating a storyline.
  2. Stream line Navigation- Once the story is created, then, the next step is to streamline the bullet points and form an entire picture.
  3. Make it Responsive- The Golden Rule! In order to make it attractive and eye catching, make sure that the UI looks responsive. The main aim of a user interface is to attract the customer and keep his interest going.
  4. Ensure Accessibility- One must ensure that while doing all of the above, that the website should  be user friendly and easy to navigate, therefore easy accessibility must be the key.
  5. Forms Follow Function- Once the accessibility and navigation has been taken care, it is paramount to take care the all these must work in synchronization with the functions which a website is about to perform.
  6. Use Pleasant Color Themes- Try and choose the color theme according to the business requirement. There are various color schemes such as contrast or following the color of the business logo. Always keep in mind the end user while designing the UI.
  7. Define Font Families- Nowadays; there is no dearth of selection. One can select any style or font when it comes to writing. Make sure the font which is selected matches the theme and the layout. The font should speak to the audience!
  8. Boast Optimized Images- Visual images play a very important role in conveying the message to the user. Sometimes one does not have the time to browse through the content. This is where images act as a savior. Make sure to use the most attractive images which not only communicate the message but also are optimized.
  9. Master Minimalism- Always remember that less is more! Try and keep it simple and precise without compromising on the content and message. Try and choose content and images which speak more but take less.
  10. Eliminate Errors- Once everything is set, go through the entire layout, as there is always some scope of improvement. This is the time when you must aim to eliminate errors and make it 100% user friendly.

We feel that these are the 10 Golden Rules for efficient UI! Of course, there are many tips of the trade as UI keeps evolving every moment! Share some here in the comments below!

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